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About NextGen Health Solutions

Welcome to NextGen Health, the home of innovative healthcare solutions. Our team is made up of intelligent IT systems’ providers who are well versed in incorporating deep learning into healthcare delivery. We also work in conjunction with a team of Medical Fellows and Clinicians who aid in the development of cutting edge healthcare solutions that will revolutionise the healthcare industry. Our products have been designed for patients as well as aiding healthcare providers to seamlessly deliver our services.

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Our mission is to ensure that you have access to healthcare solutions that are intelligent, innovative, and effective with just one click. This, we do by integrating human intelligence and the power of innovative sciences into healthcare solutions hence delivering qualitative and customized (healthcare) service through our applications.


We want to see ourselves at the forefront of the market for innovative healthcare solutions by implementing the latest advancements in cognitive computing as we strive to realize the goal for a healthier and thriving community.


  • right-tick Patient safety and well-being
  • right-tick Respect for all lives
  • right-tick Quality Service
  • right-tick Data Integrity
  • right-tick Innovative approach

What We Do

We render services in the areas of medicine; healthcare and research by tapping into the power of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing that have been mastered by our team of intelligent IT systems providers.

Our range of services includes:

  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Innovative Healthcare R&D

Healthcare Solutions

NextGen Health Solutions is currently offering two distinct and proprietary services within its Healthcare Portfolio. The purpose of our healthcare IT solutions is to develop applications that can enable better healthcare and/or improve quality of life.


Virtual Health Assistant – MiA

MiA Here is an innovative healthcare solution that allows you [through a virtual health assistant] to run self-diagnosis. Just type in your symptoms and the healthcare assistant will take you through a few steps to help identify the closest match to a probable condition using our “intelligent system” and database from over “22000 conditions” and more than “1.2 million” data points. MiA also gives you Care Advice and Recommendations to help with the condition.

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NextGen GP App

With NextGen GP, the doctor is never far away; your (private) GP is right here in your hand, literally, whenever you need and where ever you need…. No more LONG WAITING TIMES, No more disappointment due to lack of GPs at your surgery, no more calling back on phone without seeing each other – and all of it is just a click away.

Through the mobile app, you will be able to have a one-on-one video consultation with a UK registered GP and get expert medical advice regarding any health issue bothering you.

Furthermore, the product enables you to request Sick Note, Referral and Prescriptions from a certified GP. Booking an appointment could not have been any easier.

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