Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

NextGen is currently working on a range of products within it R&D Healthcare Portfolio. At present, we have two products in MVP stage. The purpose of this research is to develop applications that can enable better healthcare and/or improve quality of life.

Healthcare R&D Portfolio


Virtual Assistant


GP Portal


Inference Engine
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MiA – Your Intelligent Health Chatbot

MiA is a virtual health assistant that allows you to accurate self-diagnosis without any interference

In developing MiA, our team of experts worked in collaboration with leading Clinicians and Medical Fellows to develop and deploy what is regarded as UK’s largest (data backed) intelligent self-diagnostic chatbot – MiA.

MiA is integrated with over 1.2 million aggregated data sets and more than 22,000 symptom-diagnosis relationships which makes it possible for it to diagnose over 450 conditions with better accuracy than a face to face GP.

All you need to do is enter the symptoms and see MiA do the analysis by configuring the best possible route of diagnosis (average time is less than 2 minutes).


NextGen GP – Your Health in Your Hands

With NextGen GP, the doctor is never far away; your (private) GP is right here in your hand, literally, whenever you need and where ever you need…. No more LONG WAITING TIMES, No more disappointment due to lack of GPs at your surgery, no more calling back on phone without seeing each other – and all of it is just a click away.

Through the mobile app, you will be able to have a one-on-one video consultation with a UK registered GP and get expert medical advice regarding any health issue bothering you.

Furthermore, the product enables you to request SICK NOTE, REFERRAL and PRESCRIPTIONS from a certified GP. Booking an appointment could not have been any easier.

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